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Sanitary mounting made easy

Food Grade Strut is a patented system for mounting pipe and conduit in sanitary food processing applications.

This system includes a series of stainless steel struts, u-bolts, and brackets for installing pipe and conduit on vertical surfaces (wall mount strut) and horizontal surfaces (trapeze mount strut).

The Food Grade Strut® sanitary mounting system is widely used throughout the food processing industry to mount sanitary dairy tubing, schedule pipe, rigid conduit, EMT, Ocal®, copper pipe and more to walls, ceilings, structures, machinery, etc.

The strut comes in pre-cut and deburred lengths of 12″, 24″, 48″ and 120″, with either pre-punched slots and holes or blank/solid for applications requiring specific hole locations.

A series of stainless steel, short-thread u-bolts firmly attaches pipe and conduit to the strut in a sanitary manner. The u-bolt sizing chart is located here to help you choose exactly the right sizes you need for every sanitary mounting job.

Stainless steel wall spacers and hanging rods keep the strut away from mounting surfaces for easy cleaning and simple inspections.

Ocal® is a registered trademark of Thomas and Betts.