Spanware™ Sanitary IMP- Anchors

For sanitary attachment of conduit, pipe and components to insulated metal panels

Food Grade Solutions LLC now offers Spanware™ Sanitary IMP- Anchor assemblies. They are our newest addition to the Food Grade Strut ® line of sanitary conduit and pipe mounting systems. Our IMP-Anchor system is designed specifically for attaching Food Grade Strut ® and other industrial components to insulated metal panels that are commonly used as walls and ceilings for modern food processing facilities.

Insulated metal panels consist of a polystyrene/polyurethane core that is sandwiched between laminations of rigidized, galvanized steel. While IMP panel is a rigid, well insulated, cost-effective construction material, the fact that it is primarily comprised of polystyrene/polyurethane makes the attachment of conduit, pipe and industrial components to its surface a challenge. The solution for this challenge is to use Food Grade Strut ® IMP-Anchor assemblies to attach components to insulated metal panel walls.

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