Food Grade Solutions LLC

Limited Warranty and Waiver of Liability


  1. Food Grade Solutions LLC warranties material and craftsmanship of our products for 90 days from date of purchase.
  2. Food Grade Strut® is UV rated, SpanWare™ IMP-anchors are not UV rated.
  3. Food Grade Strut® and Spanware™ IMP-anchors have a safe operating temperature range of +20 degrees Fahrenheit to +180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Published design loads are based on proper installation in new IMP (insulated metal panel) wall Fabricated of standard density Polyurethane core laminated with non-embossed, galvanized, epoxy coated steel on both sides.
  5. Improper installation, improperly tightening SpanWare™ IMP-anchors, tensile loads, and ceiling loads are not permitted or covered under any warranty.
  6. Published working loads do not take into consideration Seismic, wind, or vibrational loads. If SpanWare™ IMP anchors are subject to these loads, consult a locally licensed civil engineer to properly de-rate accordingly.
  7. Food Grade Solutions LLC liability is limited to the cost of repairing or replacing Food Grade Strut® and SpanWare™ IMP-anchors at our discretion, and only if it is determined by Food Grade Solutions LLC that there is a material or craftsmanship flaw. This excludes all other liability including, but not limited to, mechanical, chemical, or moisture damage to the substrate to which Food Grade Strut® and/or SpanWare™ IMP-anchors are attached, damage to items being supported, injury to personnel, equipment damage, product damage, down time, and all labor and legal costs associated with damage.
  8. Published working loads for Food Grade Strut® and SpanWare™ are based on 1g of acceleration.
  9. SpanWare™ IMP-Anchors are designed for installation on MetlSpan® IMP (insulated metal panel) panel styles “ CF Architectural Smooth” or “CF Light Mesa” with no embossing (or equivalent). SpanWare™ IMP anchors are not recommended for use in heavily corrugated or embossed IMP panels where moisture intrusion into the IMP Panel is a concern.
  10. It is the responsibility of the specifier, designer, and installer to insure a moisture tight installation of SpanWare™ anchors to IMP (insulated metal panel) Panels.
  11. Food Grade Solutions LLP does not warrant the ability of the substrates to which our products are attached to bear the live load of our products, or the live loads of the items our products support. It is the responsibility of the specifier, designer, and installer to insure the IMP (insulated metal panel) to which our products and their associated live loads are attached are rated to bear these loads.

MetlSpan® is a registered trademark of Metl Span LLC, Texas, USA